Nearly 700 Million Internet Users Worldwide

Posted on May 8, 2006

comScore has announced the launch of the World Metrix, which provides an estimate of the world's Internet users. The total number of Internet users (aged 15+) wordlwide as of March 2006 is 694 million.

In launching comScore World Metrix, the company announced that 694 million people, age 15+, used the Internet worldwide from all locations in March 2006, representing 14 percent of the world’s total population within this age group. This number marks the first worldwide universe estimate based on a consistent methodology across all countries.

Notably, comScore World Metrix includes measurement of the major Asian countries, including China, Japan, India and Korea, which represent nearly 25 percent of the total worldwide online population (or 168.1 million users), and which, in the aggregate, are 11 percent larger than the U.S. (152 million users).

The U.S, China and Japan have the most people using the Internet. Isreal, Finland and South Korea have the most active web users. The companies with the most people using their websites was lead by Microsoft followed by Google and Yahoo. The complete press release can be found here.

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