Photocopiers and Data Security

Posted on March 19, 2007

Copier makers are starting to add security features out of fear that the data on photocopier disks could be stolen. These data could contain corporate information as well as information about individuals that could be used for identity theft.

Ed McLaughlin, president of Sharp Document Solutions Company, tells the AP, "You actually have a better chance at winning 10 straight rolls of roulette than getting those hard drives on copiers rewritten."

The AP says Sharp is planning to soon issue a warning about photocopier vulnerabilities. Sharp recently commissioned a consumer survey that found over half of Americans did not know copiers carry this type of data security risk.

NBC News has more about the photocopier vulnerabilities. With many people printing up their tax returns this time of year it may be wise to make any photocopies of your tax return on a photocopier that has security features.

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