New Security Camera Uses T-Rays to See Under Clothes

Posted on March 10, 2008

A new camera can reportedly see under people's clothes from up to 25 meters away. A company called ThruVision has created the device that uses "passive imaging technology" to identify objects by the Terahertz or T-rays they emit.

T-rays are natural electromagnetic rays emitted by all objects. ThruVision's T-500 camera uses T-rays to identify objects such as a hidden knife a person may be carrying.

ThruVision CEO Clive Beattie tells Reuters, "Acts of terrorism have shaken the world in recent years and security precautions have been tightened globally. The ability to see both metallic and non-metallic items on people out to 25 meters is certainly a key capability that will enhance any comprehensive security system."

This is certainly going to increase privacy concerns as these cameras start being used places. On the plus side at least it doesn't blast people with dangerous x-rays like the all too revealing full-body x-ray scanner that was being considered for U.S. airport at one point in time.

Here's a video about the weapons screener being used at Wayne County's criminal court in Michigan.

Image: ThruVision

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