Web Hosting News

Kim Dotcom's Mega Service to Offer 50GB of Free Storage (January 17, 2013): Kim Dotcom revealed in a tweet that his new cloud storage service, Mega, will offer user 50GB of free storage for free.

Google Announces Google Knol (December 18, 2007): Google has announced the launch of Google Knol which appears to be an attempt to take on Wikipedia.

Google Launches Resource for Webmasters (August 26, 2006): Google has launched a website called Webmaster Central.

Yahoo to Offer Movable Type (December 13, 2005): Reuters reports that Yahoo will offer the Movable Type blog hosting platform to its small business web hosting customers.

Will Google Offer Web Hosting Services? (February 16, 2005): Google's recent approval as an ICANN-accredited registrar has sparked speculation that the company may be considering entering into the domain selling and web hosting businesses.