Windows Vista Arrives in Stores

Posted on January 30, 2007

Windows VistaWindows Vista has officially launched for consumers. The launch comes several years after Windows XP and after much testing -- 50 families spent two years living with Windows Vista. There were also 5 million beta testers.

The Washington Post reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicts most people won't switch to Vista until they buy a new PC. The software comes with a new PC. It ranges for $100 to $400 when purchased separately.

Vista tends to need a PC that is more powerful than many people may currently own. The specs< for the basic version of Vista include at least a modern processor (800MHz), 512 MB of system memory and a DirectX 9 capable graphics processor. The premium version of Windows Vista requires an even more advanced computer including 1 Gigabyte of system memory. The best advice is to go with the premium version because the basic version lacks the media features included in Windows Vista Premium. Those upgrading will be required to have an earlier Microsoft OS, such as Windows XP, already installed already on the computer.

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