Worst ATM PINs Revealed

Posted on August 4, 2013

The worst series of numbers to use for your ATM PIN number have been revealed. It is not surprising that these PIN numbers are easy to remember. Time reports that study was conducted by DataGenetics. The study found that thieves who steal debit cards can guess 25% of stolen card PINs within just 20 attempts. Here is a list of the top ten most-used PINs:

  1. 1234
  2. 1111
  3. 0000
  4. 1212
  5. 7777
  6. 1004
  7. 2000
  8. 4444
  9. 2222
  10. 6969
Four digits does not give you a lot of options, but the best method is to use a number that does not hold any significance to you. For example, do not use something a criminal could guess, such as your birth year, graduation year or partial zip.

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