Security News: Page 2

Set a Regular Schedule to Backup Your Files (November 17, 2005): Remember to set a regular schedule to back up your files or set it to run automatically. Here are a few tips from Backup Awareness.

What's Slowing Down Your PC? (November 1, 2005): What makes your computer slow down over time? It seems so fast for the first few weeks you use it.

AOL Enhances Spyware Killer (September 21, 2005): InternetNews.

AOL Buys Xdrive Online Storage Service (August 8, 2005): AOL has acquired Xdrive, an online service that provides secure online storage for digital files, including music files and video.

Can Computer Files Ever Be Completely Erased? (June 30, 2005): Slate has a good article that discusses how difficult it is to actually erase a file on your computer.

Newsweek Covers Growing Identity Theft Problem (June 29, 2005): The July 4 issue of Newsweek cover story looks at growing problem of identity theft.

Backscatter Technology Reveals More Than Just Weapons (May 24, 2005): Backscatter technology could pose major privacy problems.

Write Down Your Passwords Says Microsoft Security Expert (May 23, 2005): Microsoft security expert Jesper Johansson thinks people should write down passwords.

IM Virus Threats Increasing (April 6, 2005): You can get a virus anywhere.

More Content Stealing Tools (April 1, 2005): Forbes reports on a new content stealing technology called Browster.

Net Savvy Teens Filtered by Parents (March 17, 2005): While teens are generally much more net savvy then their parents.

Cookies Removed From Spy Act (February 23, 2005): InternetNews.

Paris Hilton's Phone Hacked (February 21, 2005): Paris Hilton's T-Mobile cell phone has been hacked and her personal contacts, digital photos and notes have been splashed around the Internet.

Google Irritates Webmasters With SmartTags Clone (February 20, 2005): Like a bad movie Google has developed a content changing technology similar to Microsoft's SmartTags that caused so much irritation in the web community in 2001.

Microsoft Enters AntiSpyware Market (January 7, 2005): Microsoft recently acquired the anti-virus firm Giant Company which started rumors they were planning to offer security software.

Spware Rampant on Corporate PCs (October 27, 2004): A new survey conducted by Equation Research for Webroot found that companies are not doing a very good job protecting computers from spyware.

Publishers Fear Password Sharing (October 21, 2004): Password sharing has become a common problem for publishers as websurfers seek to avoid constant registration forms by using shared passwords found on forums, blogs and websites.

Anti-Spyware Bill Passes Congress (October 7, 2004): Anti-spyware bill H.

Beware the JPEG of Death (September 29, 2004): Images turning into viruses is a scary concept.

Solved Math Problem Threatens Ecommerce (September 11, 2004): Mathematicians could be on the verge of a breakthough that could threaten ecommerce itself.