Security News: Page 3

Another Internet Jihad Threat (August 25, 2004): Is it possible that a web attack by terrorists could cripple the Internet? The issue is often debated among security experts today with no clear answer as to yes or no.

Easiest to Guess Passwords Most Popular (August 11, 2004): Despite being easy for hackers to guess many people use personal names and dates for their Internet and email passwords.

People Weak Link in Virus Proliferation (August 6, 2004): People are the weak link when it comes to virus proliferation.

Yahoo Toolbar Now Targets Adware (August 5, 2004): Yahoo has modified its toolbar so that it now targets adware as well as spyware.

Mozilla Gains From IE Security Problems (July 3, 2004): Microsoft has maintained a dominant marketshare with its Internet Explorer browser for the past couple years, but the increasing number of security threats may be starting to weaken its position.

Yahoo's Anti-Spy Does Not Include Adware in Default (June 3, 2004): Yahoo is playing favorites with adware companies by not including adware as a default in Anti-Spy, a new beta feature on Yahoo's toolbar.

People Surrender Passwords for Chocolate Study Finds (April 20, 2004): Over 70% of people are willing to give up passwords for chocolate according to a survey conducted at the Infosecurity Europe trade show and reported by the BBC.

Virus Writers Insult Each Other (March 3, 2004): Security experts have discovered that some of the viruses going around are simply virus writers trying to insult each-other or one-up rival virus authors.

Anti-Spyware Bill Launched (February 27, 2004): Congress has launched an anti-spyware bill to target the annoying adware and invasive spyware programs that are secretly installed on people's computers.

U.S. Announces Cyber Alert System (January 31, 2004): The United State Homeland Defense Department has launched the National Cyber Alert System or US-CERT at uscert.

Fast Spreading Mydoom Virus Surpasses Sobig.F (January 27, 2004): Mydoom has become the fastest spreading virus ever, with 1 in 12 emails now infected.

SoBig.F Lives On Despite Security Measures (December 1, 2003): SoBig.

20 Years of Computer Viruses (November 26, 2003): Most of the computer using population was only recently introduced to computer viruses and worms -- but they have actually been around for decades according to CNET.

CDT Warns About Spyware Menace (November 20, 2003): The Center For Democracy and Technology, a DC-based non-profit group, has filed a report (Ghosts in Our Machines: Background and Policy Proposals on the Spyware Problem) warning computer users about the risks with spyware.

MiMail Virus Poses as PayPal Email (November 14, 2003): The latest version of the MiMail worm (W32.

Another Sobig Virus Coming? (September 10, 2003): Experts think another version of the Sobig Virus will soon be on its way.

Software Target Gator Spyware (September 9, 2003): A software developer, interMute, has launched SpySubtract which can destroy spyware like that provided by Gator.

Sobig Continues to Irritate and Threaten (August 23, 2003): The Feds are trying to close in on the Sobig creator.

MSBlaster Worm Infects Hundreds of Thousands (August 12, 2003): A worm that takes advantage of the biggest Windows flaw ever has already taken down hundreds of computers running Windows software.

Windows Updates Will Never End (June 7, 2003): Microsoft is continuously issuing new updates for its Windows and Internet Explorer software.