Tech Work

Microsoft to Cut 5,000 Jobs (January 22, 2009): Microsoft has announced plans to cut 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

Personal Outsourcing (August 4, 2005): Offshoring, where companies outsource work to cheaper overseas labor, is a growing business trend that is causing major problems for tech workers in many western countries.

Yahoo is Scraping Jobs for Hot Jobs (July 20, 2005): Yahoo is reportedly scraping jobs from employer websites and other website to beef up its job database at Hot Jobs.

Are Coding Jobs Shrinking? (June 20, 2005): An MSNBC.

Offshoring Creates 24-Hour Days (May 11, 2005): An article called "Sleepless in Silicon Valley" from NBC News reports that offshoring is already changing things in Silicon Valley and its not just lost jobs for U.

Tech Recovery Coming to an End? (April 4, 2005): The tech recovery, underway since 2001, may be slowing, stalling or ending.

Half of IT Staff Not Needed by 2004 (December 3, 2004): If offshoring is not bad enough news for tech workers rapid advances in technology could also eradicate many U.

Offshoring Pace Doubles as Corporations Seek Cheaper Labor (November 26, 2004): A new study found that the number of jobs offshored was twice that which had been previously reported.

Google Recruits with Brain Teasers (November 10, 2004): If you want to work at Google you are going to have to put on your thinking cap.

88% of IT Workers Stressed About Pay (November 1, 2004): An IDG Computerworld salary survey has found that IT workers are increasingly concerned about minuscule salary increases.

Dismal Hi-Tech Job Market (September 18, 2004): Some very depressing tech industry numbers were reported in a recent USAToday.

All Tech Jobs Outsourced Within 10 Years (September 6, 2004): There is growing concern about the pace at which U.

Computer Majors Becoming Less Popular in USA (August 9, 2004): Layoffs from the post dot-com boom and offshoring fears are driving interest away from computer majors according to a recent study cited in USA Today.