Computer News: Page 3

Subnotebooks and Ultralight Laptops (May 31, 2005): The New York Times has an article about the new crop of smaller notebooks, also known as subnotebooks, ultraportable notebooks and ultralight laptops.

Creepy Giant Sculpture Shows Need to Recycle (May 2, 2005): A giant sculpture made from scrap metal is called the Weee Man.

Organization Plans PC Turnoff Week (April 24, 2005): An organization wants you to deny your children access to PCs for a whole week.

Fake, Nonsensical Research Paper Fools Computer Conference (April 15, 2005): A bogus paper full of gibberish was submitted to the World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI) (a Florida computer conference) and was accepted.

Keyboards Haven for Superbugs (April 13, 2005): Sadly, keyboards are a great place to find superbugs and other germs.

Extreme PCs Popular With Modders (February 28, 2005): Gamers who are also modders like to personalize their machines with dramatic designs and souped-up components.

Lenovo Buys IMB PC Group (December 9, 2004): This is huge news for the computer industry.

Apple: From Macs to Portables (May 3, 2004): Apple, best known for its Apple and Macintosh computer brands, is now establishing itself as a leading digital media and portable electronics brand.

New Trend: Hardware Hacking (February 6, 2004): Hardware hacking is a new trend that involves people taking a piece of hardware, like a toaster, and enhancing it at home with new technology.