Computer News: Page 2

Gartner Forecasts Windows Vista Delay (May 4, 2006): Windows Vista is probably going to arrive even later than industry insiders expect.

Add a Second Screen and Boost Productivity (April 20, 2006): Ivan Berger at the New York Times decided to try dual screens and found that it quickly made a big improvement in productivity.

Is Microsoft's UMPC Too Expensive? (March 24, 2006): Managing Technology @Wharton has an article that discusses whether sales will be good or bad for Microsoft's new UMPC (ultra-mobile personal computer) due by this Summer.

IBM's Blade Servers Have Buzz (February 22, 2006): IBM is attemping to revolution servers with their new blade servers and chassis that allow the servers to share resource.

Seagate Drives Boost Storage Capacity (January 17, 2006): The Associated Press reports that Seagate has come out with a new drive that uses perpendicular recording to jump the notebook's hard drive up to 160 gigabytes from 120 gigabytes.

Mega Buzz for Optimus Keyboard (January 9, 2006): Gadget bloggers are going nuts for the Optimus Keyboard, which is due out in early February.

Google Denies Google PC Rumors (January 4, 2006): An story in the L.

Turn PCs Off to Save Energy (November 7, 2005): A new study says computers are wasting a lot of energy.

What's Slowing Down Your PC? (November 1, 2005): What makes your computer slow down over time? It seems so fast for the first few weeks you use it.

Chip Glut Could Make PCs Cheaper (October 28, 2005): Consumers hope the news in a recent CNET article is true.

MIT Media Lab Developing $100 Laptop (October 3, 2005): MIT is working on a project to develop a $100 laptop To achieve this goal, a new, non-profit association, One Laptop per Child (OLPC), has been created.

Could Flash Memory Replace Hard Drives? (September 14, 2005): CNET reports that Samsung has a developed a more powerful flash memory device.

Personal Outsourcing (August 4, 2005): Offshoring, where companies outsource work to cheaper overseas labor, is a growing business trend that is causing major problems for tech workers in many western countries.

PBS to Launch Nerd TV (July 22, 2005): PBS is targeting nerds with a new downloadable video show called Nerd TV.

Web is the New Battleground for Digital Entertainment (July 18, 2005): The Internet is the new battleground for digital entertainment.

New Keyboard Lets Users Trace Virtual Keys (July 17, 2005): There is a new keyboard available called Shark (Shorthand-Aided Rapid Keyboarding).

US Retains Control of Internet's Root Servers (July 11, 2005): The Register reports that a statement by the United States government sent shockwaves around the Internet world.

Can Computer Files Ever Be Completely Erased? (June 30, 2005): Slate has a good article that discusses how difficult it is to actually erase a file on your computer.

Female Enrollment in Computer Science Majors Plummets (June 17, 2005): Enrollment in computer science majors has been falling for both sexes, but for women the reduction in computer science majors has been especially large.

Terabyte Storage Will Soon be Ordinary (June 14, 2005): The BBC has an interesting article about the future of personal consumer storage which is getting closer to being measured in terabytes.