Computer News: Page 2

Microsoft's Pay-as-you-go Plan Called FlexGo (May 22, 2006): Microsoft is launching a new service called FlexGo that allows people to own a computer and then pay per hour of use.

Gartner Forecasts Windows Vista Delay (May 4, 2006): Windows Vista is probably going to arrive even later than industry insiders expect.

Add a Second Screen and Boost Productivity (April 20, 2006): Ivan Berger at the New York Times decided to try dual screens and found that it quickly made a big improvement in productivity.

Is Microsoft's UMPC Too Expensive? (March 24, 2006): Managing Technology @Wharton has an article that discusses whether sales will be good or bad for Microsoft's new UMPC (ultra-mobile personal computer) due by this Summer.

IBM's Blade Servers Have Buzz (February 22, 2006): IBM is attemping to revolution servers with their new blade servers and chassis that allow the servers to share resource.

Seagate Drives Boost Storage Capacity (January 17, 2006): The Associated Press reports that Seagate has come out with a new drive that uses perpendicular recording to jump the notebook's hard drive up to 160 gigabytes from 120 gigabytes.

Mega Buzz for Optimus Keyboard (January 9, 2006): Gadget bloggers are going nuts for the Optimus Keyboard, which is due out in early February.

Google Denies Google PC Rumors (January 4, 2006): An story in the L.

Turn PCs Off to Save Energy (November 7, 2005): A new study says computers are wasting a lot of energy.

What's Slowing Down Your PC? (November 1, 2005): What makes your computer slow down over time? It seems so fast for the first few weeks you use it.

Chip Glut Could Make PCs Cheaper (October 28, 2005): Consumers hope the news in a recent CNET article is true.

MIT Media Lab Developing $100 Laptop (October 3, 2005): MIT is working on a project to develop a $100 laptop To achieve this goal, a new, non-profit association, One Laptop per Child (OLPC), has been created.

Could Flash Memory Replace Hard Drives? (September 14, 2005): CNET reports that Samsung has a developed a more powerful flash memory device.

Personal Outsourcing (August 4, 2005): Offshoring, where companies outsource work to cheaper overseas labor, is a growing business trend that is causing major problems for tech workers in many western countries.

PBS to Launch Nerd TV (July 22, 2005): PBS is targeting nerds with a new downloadable video show called Nerd TV.

Web is the New Battleground for Digital Entertainment (July 18, 2005): The Internet is the new battleground for digital entertainment.

New Keyboard Lets Users Trace Virtual Keys (July 17, 2005): There is a new keyboard available called Shark (Shorthand-Aided Rapid Keyboarding).

US Retains Control of Internet's Root Servers (July 11, 2005): The Register reports that a statement by the United States government sent shockwaves around the Internet world.

Can Computer Files Ever Be Completely Erased? (June 30, 2005): Slate has a good article that discusses how difficult it is to actually erase a file on your computer.

Female Enrollment in Computer Science Majors Plummets (June 17, 2005): Enrollment in computer science majors has been falling for both sexes, but for women the reduction in computer science majors has been especially large.