Computer News

1 GHz BeagleBone Black Linux Computer Costs $45 (April 24, 2013): BeagleBoard has launched 1 Ghz BeagleBone Black Linux computer that it is selling for $45. The computer has 2GB of storage and a USB cable.

Person Uses Remote Access to Catch Laptop Thief (October 6, 2008): The owner of a stolen laptop was able to track down the person who stole his laptop by logging into a remote desktop application he had installed on the laptop.

MacBook Touch or Apple Tablet Next From Apple? (July 30, 2008): MacDailyNews recently posted a rumor about a MacBook Touch as an Apple secret product.

Celebs Go Crazy For the Macbook Air (March 24, 2008): TechCrunch reports that Charlie Rose recently took a bad fall and unwisely decided to fall on his face instead of risking damage to the MacBook Air he was carrying.

iView: A Curved iMac Design (March 4, 2008): A curved iView is Designer Nuno Teixeira's vision of what a wrap-around style iMac might look like.

Laptop Design USA Cuts Deal With Ray Bishop (September 19, 2007): Laptop Design USA announced in a statement that they have cut a deal with Ray Bishop, a nationally known air-brush artist.

Savant Announces Apple-based Coffee Table Surface Product (September 10, 2007): It wasn't too long ago that we first heard of Microsoft's surface computing technology.

3-D Mouse Ring Invented (May 22, 2007): Gizmag reports that a new 3D mouse that can be worn as a ring may be the path towards a Minority Report style of web navigation system.

Windows Vista Arrives in Stores (January 30, 2007): Windows Vista has officially launched for consumers.

$100 Laptops Could Sell to the Public (January 11, 2007): The One Laptop Per Child program was created to help disadvantaged children get access to computers and the Internet.

Seagate to Offer 300 TB Drive by 2010 (January 4, 2007): ITWire is reporting that Seagate will offer a 300 TB 3.

Barneys New York to Carry Luxury Ego Tulip Laptops (December 1, 2006): Barneys New York is going to start carrying the $5,000 Tulip Ego European-designed laptop.

Internet Jargon Still Baffling Brits (October 4, 2006): A BBC news story cites a new research report that found many online Britons are still unfamiliar with many Internet terms including RSS, podcasting, wikis, VODs, PVR and IM.

Wrist Pads Provide Computing Comfort (August 18, 2006): Wristease is a wrist pad support that looks like a sweatband.

Apple II Tops PC World's List of Greatest PCs (August 17, 2006): PC World has a feature about the top 25 PCs of all time.

Freescale Develops Working Mram Chip (July 25, 2006): The BBC reports on a Freescale announcement that is has developed a working half-megabyte magnetoresistive random-access memory or Mram chip.

The Desk is the PC (July 21, 2006): Michiel van der Kley has a concept design for a desk called the I-Con I that is the personal computer.

Hank's Hard Drive Nightmare (June 12, 2006): A man named Hank Gerbus received a disturbing hardware-related phone call.

PC World Ranks the Worst Tech Products (June 1, 2006): PC World has a list of the Top 25 worst tech products of all time.

Microsoft's Pay-as-you-go Plan Called FlexGo (May 22, 2006): Microsoft is launching a new service called FlexGo that allows people to own a computer and then pay per hour of use.